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Mykonos Breeze, nestled between two of the island’s most coveted beaches, Ornos and Ai Yiannis, and just a 15-minute drive from many of the island’s other spectacular coastal stretches, is an idyllic Mykonian retreat. Here, guests will find exactly what they are looking for: proximity to the sea and the opportunity to enjoy a myriad of facilities, a vibrant, adventurous stay or a relaxing, serene holiday.

5 minutes from the sheltered, windless beach of Ornos: unruffled in even the most intense of winds on the “windy island”, quiet and relaxing in spots and more cosmopolitan in others, with dozens of restaurants serving the best in Greek and international cuisine. Ornos is an organized beach boasting comfortable sunbeds and beach umbrellas, and is famed for its crystal-clear waters and spotless sandy coastline.

5 minutes from the beach of Ai Yiannis: famously featured in the movie Shirley Valentine, gazing out to the west, characteristically quiet, favored by visitors who prefer tranquil, lazy days at the beach with stunning views of the sacred island of Delos stretching out before them.

5 minutes by car or just a 20-minute walk on cooler days from the area’s supermarket and its full range of food and other necessities. In addition, a butchers, bakery, pharmacy, hair salon and beauty center round out the list of conveniences available in close proximity to the villa.


Mykonos Breeze - Aleomandra Area - E.
photos by Ioanna Nikolareizi